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General instructions for the MS Access Prototypes

  • Install Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, Microsoft Access 2000 or later versions (i.e. Office XP, 2003) on a Windows computer.
    • Note that the Microsoft Office Standard package will not work since it does not contain Access.
    • Testing has been performed only with Office 2000 and Office XP versions. However, later versions are expected to work as well.
  • Install the updated Microsoft data access component libraries (MDAC, Version 2.6 SP1 or later)
  • Download the selected Workbench component from below.
    • Save the self-extracting archive file to a temporary folder.
    • Execute the file by double-clicking on it with the mouse in the Windows Explorer.
    • You can safely delete the downloaded self-extracting archive after you have executed the file.
  • Select or create a folder for the Workbench applications. All Workbench applications and their data components should currently be installed in a single folder. You can freely choose the name and path of this folder.
  • Some applications may already require a login. Please use the login name ‘XX’ with the password ‘XX4444’.
  • Please read the Diversity Workbench Support page if you have problems running the applications.

The applications are generally build for Microsoft Access 2000 or Access XP. Please make sure you have the correct version of this program already installed on your computer!

Specific applications

  • DiversityExsiccatae
    • The Access versions have been completely replaced by much improved .NET implementations, see DiversityExsiccatae itself.
  • DiversityGazetteer (release 2.1)
    • Download the basic DiversityGazetteer utility (download main component without documentation. Large file, 30 MB!)
      Note: The Gazetteer download currently also contains the DiversityExsiccatae and DiversityUsers components.
    • Analysis pack 2.1 (download the optional package containing coordinates and IDs that allow to analyse data in other geographical thesauri like TGN and German GN250. Large file, 16 MB!)
    • Short documentation (link to the online documentation)

Current Microsoft Access applications

DiversityDescriptions 2.0/DeltaAccess is not considered as a “prototype” and still in use; see DiversityDescriptions -> Previous MS Access versions.