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DWB Software packages are distributed as .zip archives, including the binaries and a help file.

  • To run the Diversity Workbench software, the .Net Framework must be available on your PC. The 4.x versions of the Diversity Workbench clients are built for .NET version 4.8. This .Net Framework is per default delivered by MS with the Windows updates of Windows 7 and is included in each Windows 10 operating system installation.

Installation of client programs (Windows administrator rights required)

The new 4.x versions of the Diversity Workbench clients can be downloaded as as zipped setup (MSI) file. To run this setup file you will need administrator rights for your Windows operating system. The software and the user manual will be installed in the "Program files" folder of your computer. If you download and install a newer version of a Diversity Workbench client, it will replace the current version on you computer.

If you do not have administrator rights for your computer or want to use several versions of the Diversity Workbench clients in parallel, see the section "Run the client programs without installer" below.

Run the client programs without installer (Windows administrator rights NOT required)

The current versions of the Diversity Workbench clients provide a batch file, e.g. "DiversityCollectionUnpack.bat", which extracts the program files to a directory on your desktop. After running the batch file there will be a folder including the client name and version on your desktop. To start the software, simply double-click the program file, e.g. "DiversityCollection.exe" in the folder.

If no batch file is provided with the setup file, you may extract the program file using the following command line instruction (example for DiversityCollection):

msiexec /a <source path>\DiversityCollectionSetup.msi /qb TARGETDIR=<target path>\<target folder>

Handling of zipped program folders

Older client versions and some special editions (small download without help file) are provided as zipped program folders. After download unpack the .zip archive to a local working directory. Please use a generally accessible working directory, e.g. in the "Documents" folder or at the desktop.

If you use different client applications of the Diversity Workbench, please extract the files of each application to an own local directory. Do not place the application directory in the "Program files" path of the windows system, otherwise you might get problems due to missing access rights.

Please observe the following section conerning the help file!

Preparation of the help file

If you downloaded a separate manual file or the client software as zipped file (see section above), please open the manual file, e.g. "DiversityCollection.chm". You might get a warning that the file could be harmful because it was loaded from the internet. Before you click "open", deactivate the option to do this check every time when the file is opened. Otherwise the help file content will not be displayed and you will not be able to use the function key F1 to open the context specific help.

Alternatively you may right-click the help file to unblock it (see image below).

In order to minimize the potential misuse of help pages, Microsoft has disabled the presentation of chm-embedded HTML pages residing on non-local drives. This has taken place in 2005 with Win XP security update KB896358. Thus, the help file content will not be displayed on network drives!

Tablet users

For tablet users: F Tasten in Windows 8.1

Edge browser

Starting with December 2022 the newest major releases (version number like "4.x.0") use the chromium based Edge browser as embedded browser control. Therefore this browser must be installed on your system, which is automatically the case, if you use windows 10 with the most recent updates or a higher version.

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