a SQL interface to DELTA, the Description Language for Taxonomy, implemented in Microsoft Access 97, 2000, and 2002 (= XP)

Author: G. Hagedorn (name@gmail.com, please replace name with g.m.hagedorn)

If you are new to DeltaAccess, please read the short overview of DeltaAccess. If you wish to preview the features before downloading you can look at screen shots in the main preview and the HTML form preview. You can also read the complete User guide and documentation beforehand, either directly in your browser or after downloading it in the Windows 95 help file format. Note that sadly the help file refers only to the features of the version 1.6. See the "Whats new" sections below for changes introduced since the help file was finished.

Version 1.9 has two major aspects: 1) a very dangerous bug was fixed that could cause the data loss in text fields. Updating to 1.9 is therefore obligatory to all users of version 1.8. 2) Several features have been added or improved regarding images, multiple languages, or trees of character headings. Note that most of these features are primarily developed only insofar that they can be edited inside DeltaAccess and that web interfaces (i. e. software other than DeltaAccess itself) may use these features for reporting. For lack of time, the reports inside DeltaAccess could not yet been upgraded. For example, the natural language report inside DeltaAccess uses neither images, nor multiple languages, nor heading hierarchies. The version 1.9 is thus only a first step in implementing full functionality in this regard. See below for a more detailed list of changes.

Downloading DeltaAccess

Two versions of DeltaAccess are available for download. They are distributed as self-extracting archives and include the help file referenced above (i. e. you do not have to download it separately).

Note that you must have installed a version of Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Access (in a version corresponding to the DeltaAccess release) to use this software! Microsoft Access is part of "Office Professional", but not part of "Office Home" or "Standard". To unpack a self-extracting archive, use the Windows Explorer and double-click on the downloaded file. If you are upgrading from a previous version of DeltaAccess, first rename the old file ("DeltaAccess.mdb", "DeltaAccess_97.mdb", etc.) to another name to keep a backup of your project data. When you open the new version, you will be prompted to restore your projects from this backup file. See Installation and Upgrading for further information.

Notes on the support for multiple Microsoft Access versions

Instead of a single application file 'DeltaAccess.mdb' I now provide two versions (see above):

DeltaAccess is currently developed under Access 2002 but has also been tested with Access 97 and Access 2000. I strongly recommend, that you upgrade your Microsoft Access installation to the newest Service Pack available from Microsoft. At minimum you must upgrade to the Service Releases or Service Packs shown in the list above. Service packs or releases may already be included in the software you have bought (i. e. the installation CD already includes the service pack), otherwise they can be downloaded from Microsoft. You can check in the menu under "Help, About" which version and service release you are using.

Note that DeltaAccess itself can migrate existing DeltaAccess projects upwards to higher versions, but not downwards:

Thus, DeltaAccess_97 (Version 1.8) can not open a DeltaAccess_2000 (Version 1.8) database directly. However, it is possible to manually migrate your data back, e. g. if you are using a higher Access version and want to share data with a colleague with a lower version. You can find appropriate functions in the Access menu under Tools, Database utilities.

Do the following: Create a backup database file (named, e. g., 'YourProject2002.mdb') using the DeltaAccess backup dialog box (see help for more information). Quit DeltaAccess. Open the backup file with your Access version, and select from the menu: Tools, Database Utilities, Convert Database, then select "To Prior Version" if you have Access 2000, or "To Access 97"/"To Access 2000" if you have Access 2002. Enter a name, e. g. YourProject97.mdb. This file is now a valid backup file for the respective DeltaAccess version. Please refrain from attempting this procedure on your main DeltaAccess application file! Download an empty DeltaAccess distribution if you want to restart with an earlier version of DeltaAccess.

What is new in version 1.9? (Release: 30.3.2005)

What was new in version 1.81? (Release: 23.5.2003)

(1.81 contains only bug fixes and cosmetic changes relative to 1.8, see there for a list for new features)

What was new in version 1.8? (Release: 20.12.2002)

What was new in version 1.72? (Release: 13.2.2002)

Version 1.72 can still be downloaded in versions for Access 97, Access 2000, and Access 2002/XP.

What was new in version 1.7? (Release: 30.6.2000)

What was new in version 1.6? (Release: 31.7.1999)

See Revision details for a more complete list of changes in version 1.6. See also Links to other DELTA compatible software packages.

Please report errors or problems (send me the SDD or an excerpt which causes the error) and send me suggestions!

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