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DeltaAccess can generate HTML forms that allow to edit descriptive datasets in an international cooperation over the internet. The forms can be used to add new items as well as revise existing ones. A preview of the options of the dialog box can be seen here:

HTML dialog, General options

HTML dialog, File options

HTML dialog, Index options

HTML dialog, Include files

HTML dialog, Output options

HTML dialog, Formatting options

HTML dialog, Font options

HTML dialog, Localization strings 1

HTML dialog, Localization strings 2

Please refer to the DeltaAccess User Guide for more information about the HTML form creation dialog box and reimport of data returned over the web.

The resulting forms look like:

ResultPreview part 1


ResultPreview part 2


ResultPreview part 3


ResultPreview part 4

The parts of the HTML form shown above are equivalent to the following excerpt of a DELTA character definition ("[...]" indicates omissions of part of the definition).

*HEADING LIAS - Genera of lichenized and lichenicolous Ascomycetes
*CHARACTER TYPES 1-5,TE 42-43,OM 50-51,OM 63,OM 68,IN 
69-70,RN 71,OM 81,EUM 88,IN 89-92,TE 94,TE
#1. genus type:/
#64. ascospores <shape>/
1. ellipsoid/
2. broadly ellipsoid/
16. semilunate, crescent-shaped, hooked/
#65. ascospores poles <shape>/
1. obtuse/
2. aciculate, apiculate, attenuate/
#66. ascospores <septation type>/
1. aseptate/
2. transversally septate/
3. polarilocular, plurilocular/
4. (sub-)muriform/
#67. ascospores <septa type>/
1. euseptate/
2. distoseptate/
#68. ascospores <transverse (disto-, eu-)septa number>/-septate/
#81. Ascomycetes order:/
1. Arthoniales/
2. Caliciales/
#92. data set revised by/
#1. Taxonomy and references
#6. Ecology
# Abrothallus De Not. (1845)/
1<Abrothallus bertianus De Not.>
63,2/3 64,1/2/3 65,1/2 66,2 68,1-3 
92<D. Triebel 01-01-98>

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