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an SQL interface to Delta, implemented in Microsoft Access

Before you decide to download this large database application you may want to look at some screenshots. Be sure to also visit the new HTML form preview!

The main form is called DeltaAccess and has 4 panels which are switched using the radio buttons on the right side.

bullet The first panel is used to import existing Delta text files:

Main dialog, import panel

bullet The 2nd panel can be used to create a new Delta project from scratch, or delete an existing one:

Main dialog, project management panel

bullet The 3rd panel allows to select several analysis queries (useful to find errors or inconsistencies in your data or to run some true analysis like cross-tabulation queries) and branches to the identification and editing forms. You can run these forms just as well from the Access database explorer.

Main dialog, analysis panel

The type or group of analysis queries is selected first. The following analysis groups are available:

The analysis queries in that group are selected. You can find list of available queries by following the links above. Look into the documentation fo the analysis section if you want to see previews of the analysis provided (esp. the checkbox report or the various charts/graphs).

bullet The final panel allows you to export your Access Delta data into a standard Delta file

Main dialog, export panel

... or into a simple natural language description (this feature is not yet as sophisticated as the TONAT description produced by Confor, but it does use standard Windows formatting)

Natural language description

The characters and character states can be edited with the following form, which is created for each project you import:

Preview of the character editor form

Clicking on the button-button opens a dialog to directly jump to other characters:

Select character ID

You can branch into item editing with the buttons to open all records with the current character or character state. The button 'Reorganize' branches to two special dialogs for characters and character states:

Reorganize characters dialog

Reorganize character states dialog

The item editing form looks like:

Preview of the item editor form

And finally, a multi-item editing mode allows to insert or delete character states in multiple selected item simultaneously. In the example below the state 4: soil, detritus of the character 6: substrate would be inserted into all items selected on the right hand side:

Preview of the multiple item editor dialog

A short overview over the data model (see the Appendix, Datamodel in the documentation for more detailed information):

Full data model diagram

Please refer to the complete online user guide and documentation for more information!

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